Junior Training Rules

Marden’s Club Junior Training 2021


All children who join Junior Training must be full members of Marden’s Club, or by exception Guest Members of the Club.

Marden’s Junior Training is for children aged 8-14, provided that they can ski red runs competently and go up T-bars without an adult. There will be a competency test on the first day and children will not be allowed to continue with the training if they are not up to this level. In this case they can either join Mini Marden’s subject to there being space, or Marden’s Club will refund the full training fee less CHF100 (in lieu of one day’s training).

Mini Marden’s is for children aged 5-7 (or 8 year olds who are not yet able to participate in the Junior Training) provided they can snow plough and stop confidently. They should also be able to ski run number 21 down to Klosters and be able to go up T-bars. There will be a competency test on the first day and children will not be allowed to continue with the week if they are not up to this level. In this case Marden’s Club will refund the full training fee less CHF150 (in lieu of one day’s training).

Cost and Payments

The cost of the Junior Training is CHF 520 per child and the cost of Mini-Marden’s is CHF 750 per child (due to greater ratio of instructors to children). These prices include lunch on all five days, drinks on the mountain and their entrance for the welcome drinks and prize giving, plus any other extra curricula activities during the week.

There is no need to pay a deposit and applicants will be invoiced in due course once the Committee has more assurance that Junior Training will go-ahead.

Junior Training Rules

Helmets must be worn at all times while on the ski areas by all children taking part in the Junior Training.

There will be a charge of CHF 25 payable to Marden’s Club for either the training bib or start number should they not be returned to the Club at the end of the week or after the race on Friday.

Any decision with regard to ability is entirely at the discretion of the Marden’s trainers. While we try to put your child in a group in which they are content, ultimately the tuition is in the hands of specially-selected instructors from the local ski school and as a result the instructor’s decision is final.

Photographs of the Junior Training week might appear in the Club Review, Club website and the Klosters local press.

Children joining Junior Training and Mini-Marden’s their parents must agree to the Junior Training Code of Behaviour.

All participants must have appropriate winter sports insurance, which must include amateur racing and off piste with no restrictions or caveats. MPI Brokers specialise in winter sports insurance and their policies include off piste skiing with no exclusion or limitation and cover for amateur non international racing. MPI Brokers can be contacted on 0845 1800055 or via the Marden’s website www.mardensclub.com.

Terms and Conditions of Junior Training and Mini-Marden’s

Skiing involves an element of risk which all parents must accept as inherent in the sport. The ski instructors, Junior Training Volunteers and Marden’s Club cannot take responsibility forevery action and decision your child takes when skiing on the mountain. This includes among other things control of speed, direction, overtaking and where to stop. It is known that accidents do happen as a part of skiing and by joining a Marden’s course you will be accepting the risk involved.

Marden’s Club uses Saas Ski School or other qualified ski instructors to provide the service as advertised in the training programme. They are not employees of Marden’s Club and therefore when your child is under their care your contract is directly with them. Should you be involved in any dispute involving an instructor where the dispute involves insurance then this will be direct with the organisation that provides their insurance and not Marden’s Club.

The Junior Training Committee members and Junior Training Volunteers are fellow parents and Club members who are giving up their time as volunteers for the benefit of all participants in the courses and the Club. They are sensible, caring Club Members but not professional instructors or in loco parentis and parents must accept that neither they nor the club can be held responsible for any accident that may occur during training.

I agree to the above terms and conditions and I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that my child/children has/have appropriate winter sports insurance.

I understand that Marden’s Club, Junior Training Volunteers and its appointed representatives, are not responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries incurred to participants and/or any other third parties during the course of the training week.